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Diana Telfer

Diana Telfer
201 South Main Street Salt Lake City, Utah, United States 84111

Diana L. Telfer assists individuals, couples, and families prepare for and navigate a variety of life transitions including divorce, separation, premarital agreements, step-parent adoptions, guardianships, estate planning, and probate matters. She has extensive experience handling large marital estates, complex custody disputes, high-conflict relationships, and all other aspects of family law practice. Prior to law school, Diana was responsible for negotiating million-dollar contracts for several startup software companies. She has over 22 years of experience making order out of chaos. Diana understands the importance of recognizing the entire family unit when resolving legal matters. With her considerable experience, she guides clients through the difficult issues that arise during these transitions. By applying an integrative approach to family matters, Diana is able to help her clients achieve peaceful resolutions through alternative dispute options such as collaborative divorce and mediation. Clients are able to maximize their final resolution in a way that benefits the entire family without the trauma of traditional litigation. If litigation becomes necessary, she advocates for her clients while assisting them in developing the skills necessary to reduce the conflict outside of the courtroom. Diana offers a listening ear and is compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive with her clients. She is passionate about the law. Her approach allows her clients to feel empowered, secure, and hopeful when dealing with the stress of legal challenges.

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