Privacy Policy

Mycollaborativeteam takes your privacy seriously.  Please read the following to learn more about our privacy statement and policy.  This notice describes Mycollaborativeteam's online and personal data collection privacy practices and applies to anyone who visits our website or interacts with a Mycollaborativeteam representative.  It explains how we may collect information from you and how we may protect and use that information.Mycollaborativeteam understands how important security and confidentiality are to our customers, so we use the following security techniques, which comply with or even exceed federal regulatory requirements to protect information about you:WeWe maintain physical safeguards, such as secure areas in buildings; electronic safeguards, such as passwords and encryption; and procedural safeguards, such as customer authentication procedures to protect against ID theftThis notice describes Mycollaborativeteam's current privacy practices. Mycollaborativeteam may change its privacy practices in the future and we may revise this notice to reflect material changes. This notice was last revised July 1, 2012, and is effective as of that date.

Mycollaborativeteam may collect information about you when you browse our website or use our online services. We may collect technical information about your browser and the pages that you visit. We may also collect any information you volunteer to us, such as survey feedback or contact information.

Online Tracking
We do use cookies and other online tracking devices. Cookies are small text files that a website's server places on your computer. The cookies provide a means for websites that you visit to track browsing activities conducted with your computer. This includes information such as pages and content viewed, the time and duration of visits, search queries entered into search engines, and whether a computer user clicked on an advertisement. Cookies make the personalization of your Web experiences possible and can also be used to retain data related to a particular browser such as items in online shopping carts.

In addition to cookies, there are other devices for tracking online activity including Flash cookies and Web beacons. A Web beacon is a small string of software code that represents a graphic image on website or email. Web beacons can be used for many purposes, including: site traffic reporting, unique visitor counts, advertising auditing and reporting and personalization of a website.

How We Use Information on Our Site
We may use cookies or similar devices to help us understand which parts of our site you find most useful and to optimize your browsing experience. Cookies allow us to recognize you when you return to our site and can allow us to identify the path by which you returned to our site. We may use any of the information we collect to offer you special products and services and to assist us in taking data security precautions.

If you choose, you can set your browser to inform you when cookies are sent or you may choose not to accept cookies. Your decision not to accept cookies could limit access to some of the services and offers that are available on our website.

Third-Party Advertising
We may partner with third parties to deliver advertisements and monitor activities on our own website and other websites. We may monitor advertisement "click-through," Web traffic, statistics, and/or other activities in order to improve browsing experiences on our website. Our partners may use cookies, Web beacons, and/or other monitoring technologies to compile statistics about website visitors. These third parties are subject to their own privacy policies.

Sharing Information
Mycollaborativeteam will not disclose or share your information with any third party, unless permission is specifically granted by you in writing or unless required for the provision of the services for which you contract with Mycollaborativeteam.

If you provide your email address to us, or if we obtain it from another source, we may use it to respond or update you on your inquiries, to contact you about your accounts or to let you know about products and services that may be available to you. If we send you an email advertisement, it will include instructions on how to opt out of receiving such emails in the future

If you receive an email that claims to be from us but you are not sure, or if you think it is suspicious, do not click on any of the links in the e-mail. Instead forward it to us at then delete it.

Our websites may include links to third-party websites. These third parties are not subject to this notice or to the Mycollaborativeteam Privacy Policy. Whenever you visit a third-party website, you should review its privacy notice.

Data Security
At Mycollaborativeteam, we make your safety and security a top priority and are committed to protecting your personal and financial information. If we collect identifying information from you, we will protect that information with controls based upon internationally recognized security standards, regulations, and industry-based best practices.

Mycollaborativeteam maintains customer authentication procedures to protect your personal information and account from identity theft. These procedures are for your protection. If you suspect a website is "spoofing" or pretending to be the Mycollaborativeteam website do not enter personal information but instead contact us via a phone number you know is associated with your account at Mycollaborativeteam, or by emailing

In the provision of our services, Mycollaborativeteam collects specific, personal information via phone and / or a secure site. The policy applies to data collected in such manner and that is used to carry out our services on your behalf. Federal law requires us to tell you how we collect, share and protect your personal information. Please read this notice carefully to understand what we do.

Type of Information Collected
The types of personal information we collect depend on the services you contract for with Mycollaborativeteam. This information can include:

Per Personal identification information, such as: Social Security number, driver's licenses number, passport number, voter's registration, among others

  • Current contact and historical information, such as: home address, phone numbers, property addresses and employment information
  • Account numbers and balances

Uses of Information Collected
Once collected, Mycollaborativeteam makes use of your personal information in the following manner:

  • To execute the services for which you contracted with Mycollaborativeteam
  • To offer additional products and services to you

Sharing Information
Mycollaborativeteam will not disclose or share any of your collected personal information with any third party, for the purposes of that third party marketing its services and/or products to you.