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The inevitable discomforting emotions, and the desire for “getting back” at the other spouse, are fuel for the contested divorce. These same emotions could disrupt the collaborative divorce process which is why the hallmark of the collaborative divorce process is the team approach to resolving conflicts equitably.

The collaborative divorce process involves the use of a neutral Collaborative Facilitator a licensed mental health professional, who serves not as a therapist to either spouse, but as a neutral team Participating Collaborative Professionals whose responsibility is to smooth the progress of the collaborative divorce process.

The Collaborative Facilitator, a mental health expert, who is accomplished in problem-solving, skilled in facilitating communication, and who understands child development is absolutely indispensable to a successful outcome in the Collaborative Process.

He, or she, brings a neutral voice to the Collaborative Divorce Process acting as the steward of the team, and of the Collaborative Process, working with the clients and the professionals to move past deadlock issues and “hot topics,” keeping the meetings on track, and productively managing the emotional content of meetings.

When there are minor children involved with unique needs that extend beyond the skill set of the neutral facilitator, a Child Specialist may be called in to ensure that the emotional needs of, and concerns about, each child are considered by the parents, and by the Collaborative team. The Child Specialist is, like the Collaborative Facilitator, a licensed mental health professional with specific training in, and experience with, family systems and child development.

The  Collaborative Facilitator and/or the Child Specialist works with the team and the parents to help create a mutually agreeable parenting plan including time-sharing schedules, short and long term support, and planning activities, designed to provide a healthy, stable environment where children can grow and thrive as they transition from one household to two.

He, or she, has training and experience in working with parents and children who are in the midst of a divorce. The Child Specialist helps parents and the Collaborative professionals involved to remain focused on the feelings and needs of any children involved in a Collaborative legal matter.

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