My Collaborative Team Presents About “Unpacking Trauma In Collaborative Divorce”

My Collaborative Team Presents About “Unpacking Trauma In Collaborative Divorce”

As I sit in my plane seat waiting to fly home I am so energized. I just attended my first live conference in almost two years. The 9th Annual Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals Conference was great from start to finish.

Dr. Julie McFarlane kicked things off with an inspiring and thought provoking view of Collaborative practice and how to expand our practices to provide access to more clients.

One of my favorite sessions was one in which the presenters piqued our minds about outside the box thinking about the processes we utilize to achieve our clients goals.

And of course I am really thrilled with the standing ovation response the My Collaborative Team presentation on Trauma received. I am so proud and honored to have worked with Steve Turner, Thabatta Mizrahi, Ronda Fuchs and Beckie Fischer on this dynamic topic. While we were limited to 90 minutes this time, we will be expanding the presentation to 3 hours at the IACP Forum in San Diego this October. I encourage all of our readers, followers, and members to the upcoming IACP Forum, if possible. Nothing can replace the comradery and energy you receive from a live and in-person conference. It truly can help elevate your Collaborative Practice to the next level.

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  1. Congratulations on your successful conference. It sounds amazing. Perhaps some of us Californians can make it out your way for the next one.

    And thanks again to MCT for sponsoring CP Cal’s annual Celebration in April. Love how you are modeling collaboration!

    See you all in San Diego this fall!

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