My Collaborative Team Is Heading West

My Collaborative Team Is Heading West

Over the last year and a half My Collaborative Team has been providing networking opportunities for family law and Collaborative Professionals across North America. Through our weekly happy hours, our members have been able to share business references and educational insight to help those who join us to be the most confident and competent professionals they can be. Now it is time to explore the west!

Starting on Thursday, October 21, My Collaborative Team will start our west coast CollaBARate Happy Hour. We invite everyone from across North America to join us at 4:30PM Pacific Daylight Time for some terrific conversation, professional networking opportunities, and fun trivia games. Let’s make sure to support our west coast colleagues, who are oftentimes on our Friday Happy Hour, and provide them with all the support they deserve, and you never know what they can teach you about the way they practice.

An to reciprocate the support, the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association (LACFLA), invites everyone to join them for their upcoming webinar on Structural Family Therapy.

Structural Family Therapy was created to work with families in crisis. No crisis is greater to a family than divorce. Jon Kramer, LCSW and RJ Thomas, LMFT will discuss the parallels between effective family therapy technique and the work of the neutral systems coach.  They will elaborate on topics such as: increasing/decreasing intensity, joining as a technique of neutrality, as well as blocking and unbalancing. All in support of helping our clients reach a final judgment. Registration is free and open to all who want to attend.

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  1. I’ve placed it on my calendar but don’t see a link. If you send one, I’ll be there (God willing).

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