Confidence and Competence is the Best Marketing Tool

Confidence and Competence is the Best Marketing Tool

This weekend My Collaborative Team had the honor of sponsoring and presenting at the New Jersey Collaborative Law 2022 Retreat. The focus of the group’s retreat this year was Back to Basic and Beyond where they spent 1.5 days learning and talking about what it takes to market the Collaborative Process. At My Collaborative Team it is our belief that marketing goes further than just making sure you are promoting your business and having the appropriate online presence. To properly and effectively market the Collaborative Process, professionals must have confidence and competence in the Process, as well as the commitment to wanting to utilize the Collaborative Process or other out of court options for dispute resolution.

Many communities, big and small, around North America experience a lot of similar barriers when marketing the Collaborative Process. These barriers include combative clients and professionals, questions about increased costs because of the need to utilize a team, getting the other side to work collaboratively, and many more. While these issues may seem repetitive in your community with no answers on how to move forward, remember that you are not alone. If you have encountered these issues, it is most likely that other professionals have as well. However, it is most likely that there are professionals out there that have found answers to the problems you may be experiencing. It is on us as professionals to commit to seeking out the answers we need. Join the Friday Happy Hour that My Collaborative Team offers, call the professionals you networked with at IACP Forum, reach out to those that you believe may have the answers you are looking for. This Collaborative community is overly giving of their time and if someone has answers for your issues, you can be sure they are willing to share them.

A crucial part of marketing the Collaborative Process is having the confidence and competence to speak about the process when prospective parties come into your office. Many times, when people come into our offices, they have no idea on the process they want to utilize, whether that be litigation, mediation, or collaboration. It is on us, professionals with experience, to guide them utilizing our expertise. If we as professionals do not have the confidence and competence to start with the Collaborative Process when explaining process options, it is up to us to commit to learning more. Commit to getting the answers to how to overcome the barriers you are facing. Commit to doing something Collaborative every day of our lives. Commit to yourself that you are doing an honest job to make your practice fully out of court, if that is what you have your sights set on.

Most importantly, conduct yourself in a Collaborative manner. Those around us, especially professionally, thrive off our perception and energy. If you are struggling to convince those around you to commit to the Collaborative Process, reflect on how you talk about the Process and the perception you give off about the Process. The more professionals promote their lack of Collaborative matters, the less likely those in our community will want to join in the Process with us. Keep the word of the Process positive and make sure no matter if you have ten Collaborative matters or zero Collaborative matters that the perception you give off about the Process is a positive one.

If you would like My Collaborative Team to give our Confidence and Competence Marketing Presentation to your group, please reach out to Do something Collaborative today!

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  1. Great insight. I am sharing this not only with my local Orange county, CA group but other collaborative professionals in CA

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