What’s Holding You Back?

What’s Holding You Back?

Starting something new is always an adventure. Whether it’s a new movie, traveling, concurring a fear, or maybe a shift in careers, these adventures can sometimes be anxiety inducing and the fear of the unknown can cause you to end the journey before it is complete.

For many people reading this, you have probably practiced a certain way for many years or maybe you are a younger reader who was taught to practice in a certain way. Finding a new way to practice and provide your services, regardless of what the outcome may be, can create anxieties and fears that are holding you back from achieving a goal you thought may not be attainable.

One of the driving forces and principles of the Collaborative Process is teamwork and the support you get from everyone in the process, as opposed to opposition and pushback received in litigation. This principle starts the day you as a professional get committed to the process.

Where do you start to even become a Collaborative Professional? How do you get your first Collaborative matter? Am I going to have a drop off in my income? How do I even find teammates? These are just a few of the fear and anxiety inducing questions that may be preventing you from starting the new journey of becoming a Collaborative Professional. The Collaborative community is full of professionals that will be on your team from day one to help ease these fears and anxieties that may be holding you back.

Join the My Collaborative Team sponsored virtual Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training with the Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers starting on August 17th. This training is taking place via Zoom and will be 4-hour sessions across 4 days, ending August 26th. For more information and to register for the training before spots sell out visit our website.

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