What Is The Uniform Collaborative Law Act?

What Is The Uniform Collaborative Law Act?

In 2009, the Uniform Collaborative Law Act (UCLA) was first introduced and approved. With the enactment of the UCLA, a uniform set of laws could be adopted in individual states and provide consistency on how collaborative cases were handled. Currently twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have enacted or introduced the Uniform Collaborative Law Act, meaning there are still many more states that need the UCLA enacted.

Today, at 1pm EST, we are honored to have My Collaborative Team member, Robert J. Merlin, chat with MCT Founder, Rebecca Fischer, about the Uniform Collaborative Law Act. The discussion will include information about the UCLA, its benefits to families in communities in which the act is enacted, and the benefit to the family law process that the UCLA can bring.

To learn more and get involved with helping get the Uniform Collaborative Law Act passed in your state or to share the experience you have in getting the UCLA enacted in the state you practice in, contact the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals Uniform and Collaborative Law Act Advisory Panel. If you miss today’s CollaborEAT! Live make sure to check out our YouTube page to view this and all our previous CollaborEAT! Live series.

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