Starting With The Neutrals

Starting With The Neutrals

How can the Collaborative Process start with the neutral financial expert or the neutral mental health professional? How can this approach streamline the process for the family involved, as well as the professional?

When the process starts with the neutral financial expert, those involved in the process can discuss their financial situation to fully understand the potential financial outcomes that are possible. Similarly, consulting with a mental health professional first can help couples navigate the emotional aspects of the process and provide coping strategies. Working past the emotional and financial issues first can offer a smoother process when drafting a final settlement agreement.

When we encourage those who are involved in the Process to regularly meet with the neutral professionals, we can help facilitate open communication and collaboration on all issues and aspects of divorce. This can lead to more efficient problem-solving and decision-making.

The Collaborative Process is a team oriented process. We as professionals work together to negotiate and draft a divorce agreement that addresses financial matters, child custody arrangements, and any other pertinent issues. We shouldn’t box in those who choose the Collaborative Process to follow one specific path.

The idea of starting the process with neutral professionals is not to eliminate the involvement or role of lawyers, but rather to maximize our efficiency of the Process and make this a more affordable process who may currently be priced out.

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