Skills Learned During The Pandemic

Skills Learned During The Pandemic

With the rollout of vaccines continuing to increase across the world, the feeling of normalcy is finally within our grasp. With every passing day a sense of normalcy is starting to return to our society. However, with every major event in history it is important to take time to reflect on what happened to insure we learn from the past. 

As Collaborative Professionals we had to make major adjustments to still be there for the families we serve. We learned to be flexible in our scheduling and understanding of our surroundings. We reached out and networked to help members of our local communities, as well as colleagues from around the world. Most importantly, like we do in the Collaborative Process, we got creative and used unique techniques to help those who needed it most during this last year of the pandemic. 

The most important thing that we learned and accomplished, that we must continue to practice and encourage families to recognize, is that family disputes can still be resolved even while the courts are closed. The last twelve months have been revolutionary in our ability to practice Collaboratively and provide families with an alternative to litigation. While many of us are ready to see our teammates in person and to start having face-to-face meetings again, we must remember to incorporate those skills of patience, creativity, global networking and so many more as we return to a more normal life. The ability to utilize real-life lessons and creative solutions is what makes the Collaborative Process so unique. Let’s do our part to always remember that even in the toughest situations, we can find creative solutions.

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