Planning For 2021

Planning For 2021

As we come to the end of one of the most tumultuous year in history, it is time to start planning for what we hope will be a calmer 2021.

My Collaborative Team is proud of its accomplishments in these trying times.  Over the past year we have put on numerous informative webinars in our CollaborEats series as well as presentations at the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals Forum and the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals Statewide Conference on Utilizing the Collaborative Process for Families with Special Needs Children.

But our biggest success has come in the professional connections we have helped our members make with like-minded Collaborative professionals across North America.  

As the Founders of My Collaborative Team begin planning for 2021, we hope to focus on assisting Practice Groups, especially those struggling to promote the Collaborative Process.  We will put on webinars to help attract new members and to help non-Collaborative professionals better understand the process.  We also want to assist Practice Groups in keeping connected with their members.

If your Practice Group could use the help of MCT, please let us know.

Finally, TELL US what you want to accomplish during the coming year.  We would like to be a part of helping you reach your GOALS!  Feel free to critique us and what we have done.  Tell us what we can do for you.


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