One Hour Per Week Can Make All The Difference In Your Mindset

One Hour Per Week Can Make All The Difference In Your Mindset

Let’s get something straight.  The My Collaborative Team Happy Hour on Friday is more than just a get-together of Collaboratively minded professionals and now friends from all over North America.  Being on the Happy Hour from 4:30 until 5:30 could be the most important hour of your Collaborative work week.

Over the past weeks we have been writing about and discussing what it takes to be a Peacemaker and how to build an out of court professional practice.  We have talked about a mindset and the fact that you don’t need to change what you do or the services you offer, you need to change how you do it.  If you take your Collaborative knowledge and apply it to your current practice and then begin shifting to out of court processes, before you know it, you too will be a full-time Peacemaker.

Our discussions were capped off this past Friday when Woody Mosten joined our Happy Hour and put his spin on this issue.  How wonderful it was to hear Woody espouse much of the same set of ideas that we had been tossing around for weeks.  His eloquence in presenting the idea of attorneys, and other professionals, offer un-bundled services.  We need to open our minds to the many different things we can do as peacemakers.  It doesn’t all have to be Collaborative.  Mediate!  Prepare or be part of a team preparing pre-nups or post-nups.  Woody provided us with so many different ways to mediate and provide services to couples trying to get things done more streamlined.  The out of court world is filled with lots of creativity and opportunities to help people when you think outside the box.

Come join us on Friday.  It could be the most important hour of your week.  You are sure to end your week with more knowledge! Don’t forget to also register the this months Collaborative Introductory Learning Program where Woody Mosten will be our special guest speaker.

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