My Summer Vacation

My Summer Vacation

Written by My Collaborative Team member, Jacinta Gallant

As most of us are wrapping up summer vacation, I am wondering what insights or “a-ha’s” came to you after having some down time.  Our brains are so wired for distraction and busyness - it can be difficult to take a break and simply be present. 

I had a chance to be fully present this summer because my wonderful mother died after a short illness. When she got sick, I dropped anything that was distracting me from being with her. She passed away with grace and presence, surrounded by our big family. This was a gift of time we will never get back. To allow me to be fully present to my family, supportive colleagues stepped up and took the urgent cases for us.  Our clients were understanding. What more could we you ask for? 

My mother loved the work we are doing, so she won’t mind if I write about it! Through this experience, we came to deeply appreciate the culture we have created in our firm.  We have worked hard to attract clients who want to work with usWe are shedding the “fix-it” focus that is so dominant in law practice and we find that clients seem to really like that we are human.  They tell us over and over how supported they feel when they engage with our office.  So when we needed some support, we got it! 

Our firm culture exemplifies the “brand” that attracts clients to the services we want to offer, so we can be happier at work. Turns out that, for us, the human brand really works – especially in a world that seems to despise divorce lawyers.

So my summer vacation was pretty deep and awesome - full of feeling and humanity. And you know what?  After all that time off, I did not dread going back to work. I really noticed that. (It has not always been that way.) 

SO .... How human is your brand?   And what are you doing to promote your good work in the world? The public wants what we offer, so be you, and get the word out!  

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