My Collaborative Team: Who are We?

My Collaborative Team: Who are We?

Written by My Collaborative Team President, Edward S. Sachs, ACP

At the beginning of every year, the Founders and staff of My Collaborative Team ask ourselves that very question.  Do we know who we are?  Do we follow our mission statement?  Are we relevant?

If you check out our website it states that our mission is to provide meaningful, dynamic, powerful, and thought-provoking resources to Collaborative Practice Groups and Practitioners worldwide seeking to transform the process by which people resolve disputes. 

During 2022 we spent ten months exploring the Collaborative Process from the viewpoint of a beginning Collaborative professional.  Many professionals leave the Introductory training and ask, What Now?  We tried to answer that question in our Collaborative Introductory Learning Program.  Based on attendance and feedback throughout the ten months we believe we were successful.

Our newsletter blogs and UTube offerings provide our members and other Collaborative professionals with resources to make themselves more competent and confident practitioners.

Friday Happy Hours have been a huge success in meeting our mission statement.  We provide a safe space for Collaborative professionals to wind down their week with like-minded friends.  We have spirited and extremely informative discussions.  We are a place to bring your concerns, your questions, your successes and your failures to discuss with Collaborative friends.  Like the theme for the television show Cheers, “sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name!”

With the new year brings new ideas to add to the successful ones.  In 2023 we will conduct an Advanced Collaborative Training Series.  Beginning on January 26th and continuing monthly on the fourth Thursday through October we will provide this series of presentations geared to the Collaborative professional who wants to sharpen their skills and become more confident and competent in their practices.  This series is free to MCT members and $50 for non-members.  You may register here.

Become a better Collaborative professional.  Join My Collaborative Team here today.

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