Mental Health Professional Neutral Roundtable Discussion

Mental Health Professional Neutral Roundtable Discussion

Last month, My Collaborative Team held a financial neutral roundtable discussion with My Collaborative Team members and professionals from across North America. This was a widely successful event that brought together professionals from all over to learn how their colleagues in other communities are practicing. Now it is time for the Mental Health Professionals!  

My Collaborative Team has put together a roundtable discussion featuring mental health neutrals from across the United States to discuss a wide range of topics relating to the role of the neutral mental health professional. Join Karen D. Sacks of Boca Raton, Beth Proudfoot of San Jose, Roxanne Permsley of Sarasota, Dr. Bernadette Johns from Cincinnati and Jerome Poliacoff on March 23 at 3:00 Eastern for this exciting presentation.  

Come share your thoughts with our presenters and discuss the different practices of mental health neutrals from around the country. How is it done the same or differently than in your region? What works best for in the process?

And, of course, we will answer all of your questions. Register now for this dynamic presentation.

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