MCT Grows Nationally at IACP Forum

MCT Grows Nationally at IACP Forum

Written by My Collaborative Team President Edward S. Sachs

We loved hearing from so many of our MCT members about their experiences at the live IACP Forum as well as those who attended the virtual Forum. For me, as for most who attended, the chance to be together with so many of my Collaborative friends, many of whom I have made through My Collaborative Team, and the chance to learn and network together again was amazing and so reinvigorating.

My Collaborative Team was a proud sponsor of the Standards and Ethics Handbook and an exhibitor during the Forum. Having the chance to tell MCT’s story to so many Collaborative professionals from around the United States and Canada was so great. We expanded our wings even more with new members joining from Minnesota, Kentucky. My Collaborative Team now boasts listing members in seventeen states and three Canadian provinces. 

We have built a substantial presence now in California and are proud that we have started West Coast Happy Hours on Thursdays at 4 p.m. Pacific Time. We are very proud of our Friday Happy Hours and hope to bring that same excitement to Thursdays. At IACP Forum we were known as the Happy Hour Guys!!

Typically, I come away from IACP Forum so pumped and ready to plan my next year in Collaborative Practice. What new ideas, new techniques and new goals will I employ in my practice? This year is no different. I learned so much from the Peacemakers and other great presentations that I will certainly utilize their great insights.

And now we are in the process of developing a great new program for My Collaborative Team. Too often we hear from newly trained Collaborative professionals that once they finish the Introductory Training what do they do next. We also hear from practitioners who want to bring other professionals into the Collaborative world and don’t have a resource to help them. In the next few weeks, MCT will be unveiling its Collaborative Introductory Learning Program, a lunch and learn program once a month for ten months that will provide attendees with the tools needed to either begin a new Collaborative practice or for helping in deciding whether to step into our world.

Stay tuned for the details of this exciting new effort to bring more Collaborative professionals into our world. Begin thinking about someone you could bring, and possibly share the experience with.

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