Digestible Content For Your Benefit

Digestible Content For Your Benefit

Over the last 4 months, My Collaborative Team has been working on our CollaborEAT! Live series. This series was started from the in-depth and inquisitive conversations we were having on our weekly happy hour call. Our topics have spanned a variety of topics all having to do with the Collaborative Process. From specific case situations, best marketing practices, advice on how you can grow the Collaborative Process in your community, and so much more, our CollaborEAT! Live series is a huge benefit to all practitioners. Whether you are a seasoned Collaborative Professional or practitioners just starting out in the Collaborative Process, our CollaborEAT! Live series has something for everyone.

Now it is easier than ever to get our CollaborEAT! Live series downloaded directly to your mobile device. My Collaborative Team’s CollaborEAT! Series has been added to your favorite podcast network. Find your favorite podcasting application, search for My Collaborative Team, and subscribe to our podcast. By subscribing to our podcast, every Wednesday at 1pm EST, the latest CollaborEAT! Live episode will automatically download to your mobile devices for convenient listen while you are on the go. That means whether you are in the car, at the gym, sitting at your child’s extra-curricular activities, or anywhere that you have your mobile device, you can listen to My Collaborative Team’s CollaborEAT! Live series.

CollaborEAT! Live is a 15-minute conversation taking place every Wednesday with Collaborative professionals and My Collaborative Team members from across the world. The goal of CollaborEAT! Live is to provide digestible content to both professionals and the public on a variety of topics relating to the Collaborative Process. Our CollaborEAT! Live episodes consist of a variety of topics driven by you, our reader, and our members. Topics ranging from ethical considerations, best practices, problem-solving, marketing, special topics relating to Collaborative Practice, practice tools and more. If you would like to be a guest on our CollaborEAT! Live series, please reach out to info@mycollaborativeteam.com.

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