Consider Training Again!

Consider Training Again!

From the desk of My Collaborative Team President, Edward S. Sachs, CPA

I recall the first introductory interdisciplinary training I ever took. I came out totally inspired and convinced that this would be an easy transition from forensic accountant to neutral financial professional.  Boy was I wrong.

There is nothing easy about the Collaborative process. Every matter is a different challenge. I would soon find that out.

Since that first training, I have either attended as a participant or have been a trainer at ten additional introductory trainings. And each time I have learned something new. Over the years our trainings have even changed as we learned better ways to practice.  In fact, most trainings today don’t even look like the original trainings from years ago.

While advanced trainings are a critical component of gaining competence and confidence, I encourage all practitioners to consider taking the introductory training again.  Get back to the roots of the process from time to time. Learn new ideas and new ways to better yourself. Become a more competent professional.

Join the Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers as they host their third virtual Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training. This training will start on February 1st. CLICK HERE to learn more about this training and to register.

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