Commit To Advancing Your Practice

Commit To Advancing Your Practice

Written by My Collaborative Team Marketing Director, Eric Sachs

As we head into the holiday season and start to end our 2022 and look forward to 2023, now is the time to ask yourself about the confidence and competence you have with the services you are offering. Does your practice accurately represent the person you are and the person you want to be for families in your community? If not, it is up to you to make the commitment to implement the changes needed to get the most satisfaction possible out of your professional life. If you make the commitment, My Collaborative Team will be there to provide the resources and tools you need to succeed. That is our promise!

In 2022, My Collaborative Team held our Collaborative Introductory Learning Program to help showcase the Collaborative Process to newly trained professionals. In 2023 we are upping the ante and launching our Advance Training Series. This training will be a 10-month program geared towards those professionals committed to making the Collaborative Process the go-to option for divorce and conflict resolution.

This training will be free and open to all My Collaborative Team members. Each session will run 55-mins and will include one CLE credit for all who attend. Single-session attendance will be available for a fee to those non-members interested in joining the training. So, in addition to all the fantastic benefits, we offer to all My Collaborative Team members, we are giving all members the opportunity to obtain 10 CLE credits in 2023 at no additional charge.  Just another benefit of being a member of My Collaborative Team.

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