Collaborative or Bust!

Collaborative or Bust!

Written by My Collaborative Team President, Edward S. Sachs, ACP

I have used that title before, but it better fits the situation we heard about the past two Friday Happy Hours. Mental health professional and Collaborative Facilitator Tammy Berman told the Friday crowd about her dilemma. 

She had a husband and wife seeking to have Tammy mediate a settlement for their divorce. They really liked how she described the Collaborative process and thought a peaceful resolution was in their best interests. The big problem is that they had each hired heavy-duty litigation counsel. Tammy told us she was insistent that they would do things collaboratively at mediation, or she wouldn’t be involved. But she was running into a major obstacle with both attorneys.

Well, this past Friday, Tammy informed us that she was successful in convincing the clients that she could help lead them to a peaceful resolution. They both fired their litigation counsel and are now, hopefully, on their way to achieving their goal for peace. Congratulation Tammy. That is the Collaborative or Bust attitude we should all have.

And Collaborative is not just for divorce!

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