It’s Not About The Services You Offer

It’s Not About The Services You Offer

We have been having discussions, both in our Collaborative Introductory Learning Program and at our Happy Hour, about what it takes to become a full-time peacemaker. Wouldn’t you love to have a practice that never goes to court again. A practice in which you truly help people work through a very difficult time with minimal damage. A practice in which you can continue to provide your community with the same services you always have, but with the ability to offer them in a more peaceful manner.

Most, if not all, of our participants who have either made or have begun making the shift to an out of court practice agree that becoming a peacemaker is all in the mindset. If you really want to be a peacemaker you don’t have to change the services you offer, you just have to change how you provide those services.

Many of our listing members do a significant amount of mediation. Some specialize in pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements. Sometimes they even do them in the Collaborative Process. At our last CLIP session Aubrey Ducker, an Orlando Florida Collaborative Attorney, described how he utilizes the Collaborative Process and his peacemaker training in the field of estate, probate and guardianship law. These professionals all still represent divorcing couples too. They still provide divorce and family related services, they just do it in a peaceful and collaborative way. Instead of being hung up on a specific number of Collaborative matters you may have as a measurement of success, utilize the skills you have as a trained Collaborative professional to provide the services you currently provide in a peaceful manner.

If you are looking to become a peacemaker and improve the way you provide services to your community, consider our upcoming Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training. Hosted by the Tampa Bay Collaborative Trainers and sponsored by My Collaborative Team, this training starts on August 17th. This training is taking place via Zoom and will be 4-hour sessions across 4 days, ending August 26th. For more information and to register for the training before spots sell out visit our website.

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