No More Alimony Deduction, for Most, But Not All

House Republicans pushing a tax overhaul have managed to do something that's extremely difficult to pull off. They've found a way to make the searing pain of divorce even more difficult for families. The reason is a provision — little known except...
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Co-parenting After Divorce, Like It Or Not

The every-other-weekend dad, born from two generations of soaring divorce rates, was once a conventional part of American culture. In recent years, more couples have been agreeing to parent after divorce as they did in marriage: collaboratively.

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Working Moms 7500 Years Ago

Well, it looks like women have been balancing a full-time job and motherhood for thousands of years. All the while, they haven't gotten much credit for it.

By studying the bones of ancient women in Europe, archaeologists...

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Who is a parent? Who is not?

Michael Higdon (University of Tennessee College of Law) has recently posted a family law article Constitutional Parenthood, Iowa L. Rev. (forthcoming). 

Here is the abstract:

Despite having recognized the constitutional rights of parents almost a hundred...

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